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Eileen Kramer, New York
Homeowner writes —

My Feng Shui consultation with Mela was a life changing experience! Mela's energy is larger than life, a force to be reckoned with. I assumed the consultation would begin with a survey of my house and a shoring up of the trouble zones. I was proven wrong.

The bulk of the consultation was Mela sitting down with me and listening compassionately to my life story. Only then did Mela patiently explain that there are areas in my home which directly correspond to and reflect the "stuck" areas in my life. Mela assured me that by making some important adjustments in these key areas, I would begin to see a shift in my life.

One of the several areas we discussed was my career which was in a rut! Mela began her focus in the strength and prosperity area of my home (which also happens to be my bedroom). This area not only pertains to financial prosperity, it also reflects personal energy, strength and how I take care of myself. She sensed that this area, for me, was the underlying root of my issue regarding my career. The room was energetically imbalanced and unwelcoming. Mela felt the room to be oppressive and not very nurturing. The ceiling was painted in a heavy, dark color. She suggested opening up the room by painting it white for an uplifting, airy feeling.

Mela actually moved a large tree from my living room into my bedroom. She said that this would give the room life! I learned that trees or wood is an element that holds the vibration of good fortune and is great to have in the strength and prosperity area of a home. Mela also had me put up flowing, floor to ceiling curtains over my awkwardly placed, stark windows. This would balance out their negative energy by creating a relaxed taken-care-of feeling in my bedroom. (Who wouldn't want that?) Amongst other things, it was highly recommended that I move my computer into the career area of my home. That made sense!

My bedroom became a thriving oasis. Like piecing together a puzzle, as soon as I made these changes proposed by Mela, the whole picture of my career came into perspective. Doors began to open and I felt confident as to which ones to choose.

Mela is a true master of her craft. Her instincts are great. Her approach is no-nonsense. In one afternoon I received the tools and practical ideas to turn my "lifeless home" into a garden. Mela was totally correct. As I applied the advised Feng Shui principals and adjustments to my home I began to experience new abundance and peace of mind in my life.

It's been a year since our consultation and I continue to walk on a solid path. It's really a miracle! Thank you Mela. You're truly amazing!

We have many Feng Shui references available upon request. If you would like to speak to any of them, please let us know.

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