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Mission: Organization - Episode MSO-410
Making it Livable Again Interior designer Mela Catanzaro is at it again! This time she's taking on professional organization with a vengeance. That's right. Watch Mela as she's never been seen before. She's rough! She's tough!

See Mela lay down the law to help single man Stuart Rinzler, turn his lifeless paper strewn apartment into a warm yet masculine, multi-functioning retreat. Will Mela be successful and accomplish her mission or will Stuart be doomed to an eternal life of bachelorhood?

Smart Design - Episode SDN-406
Everyday to Dressy Interior Designer Mela Catanzaro uses her eye for the extraordinary to create a stimulating party chic environment. This space is sure to be a hit as it goes from everyday to dressy!  The homeowner is sure to be thrilled as her place is dressed to impress...her dinner guests that is.

Smart Design - Episode SDN-402
Glamorous Design Learn how to transform your home into a glamorous retreat.

Mission: Organization - Episode MSO-205
From Clutter to Cozy This couple relocated to their small city apartment four-and-a-half years ago, yet they still have moving boxes sitting out.
* Behind the scenes Interior Designer Mela Catanzaro creates a warm, vibrant sanctuary. The couple can now enjoy cooking in their kitchen, having romantic diners together and retire to their cozy living room for some snugglin' style!

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