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"The sky is the limit.
  Be who you are.
  Love where you live, love your life!"

             - Mela Catanzaro, Pres. MCAT Design

Our approach to interior design is simple.

When it comes to your home or office, the sky is the limit! We believe that there is always a way to incorporate what you love, no matter how outrageous or unattainable it may seem. Recreate the relaxing mood of your favorite vacation getaway! Be greeted by the feel of a tranquil Caribbean spa after a hard day's work? Or maybe you prefer the upbeat styling of a cool VIP lounge.

Dare to dream!

Dramatically chic, minimal to modern and everything in between. With so many styles and design options to choose  from,  it is  important  to  remember  one  thing.
Be who you are. Your environment is a reflection of you. Surround yourself and family with what makes you happy, what lights you up and represents your sensibilities and vision.

Vision... don't have one? Not to worry!

This is where we come in and a fun place to start. Together we find your voice and discover what type of environment would best suit your specific needs, desires and most of all - your wonderfully individual personality. Not the personality of your neighbors down the block!

Have an idea already? Great!

Together we can shape it, take it to the next level and make it a reality. The primary function of a home or office is to nurture its occupants. It is a constant support system for what people are up to in life, both personally and professionally. It provides a strong foundation allowing for gathering, growth and greatness.

Some of our clients are not only new to us but have never used an interior designer before. We are committed to making this experience an enjoyable one. Feel free to contact us for information on creating a design plan tailored specifically for you.

Enjoy a private sanctuary that replenishes the spirit, inspires the mind and invigorates the soul. At MCATDesign, we design environments for conscious living.
- Love where you live, love your life!

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