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Daniel Banks, New York
Theater Director/Faculty New York University
Apartment Owner writes —

I moved into my one-bedroom apartment a year and a half ago. Due to a hectic work schedule, I never had the time to give proper attention to my home. I was in survival mode, and I was losing that battle.

Mela came highly recommended by friends, and after I saw her work on HGTV, I decided to take the plunge and call her.

Mela began the consultation by saying "Your home is a direct reflection of what's going on in your head. Let's open it up and see what's in there." Confronting, to say the least. We took a look around my apartment, the entire time dissecting the meanings that all of my possessions had for me. We looked at how the placement of my furniture, photos, mirrors, etc. not only impacted the energy in my apartment, but how it was also a reflection of the energy in my life. Mela made the seemingly impossible statement that where the energy was blocked in my home, the energy was blocked in my life. Hard to believe, but as it turns out, she was 100% correct.

By the end of the day I was angry, frustrated, despairing, bitter, and I could not wait for Mela to leave, despite the fact that she is a tremendously friendly and likeable person. I just could not hear any more, and I wanted my illusions back -- the truth was a little too "real."

Within an hour of her departure, my mind opened up. I began seeing the possibilities of the suggestions Mela made. I started to take things one step at a time. Something had shifted.

That night I moved two things in my bedroom -- the placement of a mirror which directly faced my bed and the angle of a shelf which was also positioned aiming at my bed. I then had the best night's sleep I had ever had in my apartment. Mela promised me that as soon as the energy in my space was adjusted and balanced, opportunities would begin to open up for me in the world. I continued making slight adjustments. Full of energy, hope, and excitement I began to tear the apartment apart, implementing solutions for the energetic blockages Mela explained. Almost immediately, I began to see dramatic shifts in the areas of finance, career, and community. I have gotten my friends excited about what I am doing, and they are helping me (and have all asked for Mela's contact info!). I feel empowered, and I jump out of bed every morning to do a little something around the apartment to continue increasing the energy flow.

Mela is intuitive, wise, she understands her craft, and working with her has given me a new lease on life. All I know is I jump out of bed every morning to do a little something around the apartment, and everyone comments on how happy I am and how much energy I have. I know I'm on the right track.

Mela is more than a pleasure to work with -- she is a miracle worker!


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